Information Security and GDPR


Quality Consultancy

Striving for growth in any aspect of organizational maturity (be it information security, quality, business continuity or sustainability, etc.) should almost by definition include the introduction of a Quality Management System (QMS). The basic foundation a QMS provides makes the development of other management systems simpler and smoother. Therefore, a QMS and an Information Security Management System are often developed in conjunction, so that the similarities in both can be exploited and many topics can be dealt with once. A QMS compliant with ISO 9001 demonstrates control of the key processes leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and prudent management of risk. can help you develop:

•Objectives, strategy and leadership
•Document and Record Control
•Policies and procedures describing the key processes
•Change control
•Continual improvement

While key processes vary between industry segments, the processes for developing and introducing new products and services are being considered as critical in ensuring customer satisfaction and ultimately, continuity and growth of the business. can bring expertise and add additional value in the area of Technical Product Development through:

•Requirements Specification
•Functional Specification
•Design and Development process management
•Operational procedures and instructions
•Technical Readiness Test, ORT, CRT
•Launch and release planning