Information Security and GDPR


Omniseq Consultancy Services

Omniseq consultants help small and medium-sized companies with practical advice to comply with the ever more demanding requirements of customers.

Prospects and customers in the B-2-B segment are frequently asking for some form of assurance with respect to the security of their information. This is driven by the notion that responsibility for security of information does not stop at the company walls: a company's ecosystem and in particular its supply chain is more and more becoming a factor in its competitive position. Therefore, companies are pushing their suppliers towards higher levels of Information Security and Quality and suppliers need to demonstrate they are up to it. Similar developments can be seen in the areas of business ethics and integrity, labor conditions and care for the environment. What was once a differentiator is quickly becoming a qualifier.

This trend was obviously started by big global companies, but it is now trickling down to medium-sized and small companies. For suppliers that serve a variety of information intensive companies, trying to meet the security expectations of all individual prospects and customers would be prohibitively expensive and an operational nightmare. Rather than painstakingly answering endless Statements of Compliance and trying to split up their operations, they prefer to pursue compliance with solid, relevant and internationally recognized standards representing industry best practices. By having compliance periodically confirmed by independent external auditors, assurance for all customers and prospects can be obtained. 

Relevant information security related standards are discussed here.

Omniseq consultants help you decide how to best repsond to the requirements of customers in the areas of information security, quality and privacy. They are seasoned professionals with real-world experience and know how to get maximum results with limited resources.